Would you pick a crystal mosaic?


Select the crystal mosaic to pay attention to several aspects
Crystal mosaic is the perfect combination of ceramic technology and glass technology. High temperature melting crystal mosaic can be produced according to customer needs, its colorful and full of creativity, and has acid and alkali, never fade, flame retardant, easy to clean and many other features. The main products to each 300 × 300mm-based, at the end of paste hexagonal cloth network, in the construction and construction as easy as ordinary mosaics.
Ordinary consumers home renovation, crystal mosaic to choose the following aspects should pay attention to:
First, there are stripes and other decorative crystal mosaic, the decorative distribution area should account for more than 20% of the total area, and evenly distributed.
Second, the back of a single crystal mosaic should be jagged or ladder-like groove, this will be more solid paving.
Third, the adhesive used in addition to ensure the paste strength, but also easy to scrub off the glass mosaic, the use of adhesive can not damage the back of paper or crystal mosaic discoloration.
Fourth, in natural light, from the crystal mosaic about 40 cm high visual inspection of whether the cracks, defects and missing edge, missing angle phenomenon.
Fifth, the random selection of nine crystal mosaic composition square, flat place in the light enough, at 1.5 meters away from its visual gloss is uniform, if the gloss is uneven, easy to wet in the bathroom fade, destruction of the wall appearance.
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