DIY own home

Decopus Peel-n-Stick Metal Backsplash Honeycomb Hexagon Aluminium

Ø DIY Wall Decoration for Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom, Cabinet Doors,Accent Walls

  • Self-adhesive Metal Tiles, Peel-n-Stick Installation, Quick and Easy, Save Money
  • Dry installation; No thin-set backing; No finishing grout, No Chaos
  • Double-sided Aluminum 100% Non-fading Color plus Durable Fire-retardant Composite Core, with Strong Back-adhesive
  • Easy to Clean, Anti-Scratch, Water Proof, Heat-retardant



Product Description


Decopus Self-adhesive Metal Tile, made of Aluminium Composite, which has been using for interior decoration for over 20 years. It allows you to self-match a high class, profession look interior wall for less. Decopus specialized 10+ years in wall decoration, and cabinet decoration.