Coverings-The Global Tile & Stone Experience, 2017 in Orlando

Coverings-The Global Tile & Stone Experience, 2017 in Orlando has always been a paramount event for the Tile industry in North Americal.Decopus International Technology Corp. Limited had attended ...

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which can give you a dynamic beauty

The glass tile can show the different hue with different angle. With the shifting light, the degree of light shade can be changed, which can give you a dynamic beauty.

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Mosaic border

Thesimplelinearfringealwaysistheeternalhighlightofdecoration.Decopusmosaiccolorblendissimpleandelegantwith perfectgrainandcrystalcleartexture,whichcanplayanimportantroleinthemonotonouskitchenwall.

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Decopus standard tile -Smoggy for wall

Size:300*600mm 600*600mm 200*300mmThickness:8mmApplication:Living room barhroom kicthen

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3D Mosaic Tile-Metal Phantom Glass

It has more dynamic and changeful color which it can embody the house more gorgeous.Application: used in desktop, wall decoration, bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, café, etc.

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Decopus borderline for wall

Decopus borderline for wall (especial borderline make your house characteristic)Application:Living room barthroom,kicthenSize:75*300mm,100*300mmThickness:8mm

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Enterprise exhibition

Enterprise exhibition hall is an indispensable part of modern enterprises, it’s to representing the corporate image,it is to showcase their products, so that customers understand the corporate culture...

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Would you pick a crystal mosaic?

Select the crystal mosaic to pay attention to several aspectsCrystal mosaic is the perfect combination of ceramic technology and glass technology. High temperature melting crystal mosaic can be produc...

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Happy Halloween

 Halloween  Halloween is an autumn holiday that Americans celebrate every year. It means "holy evening," and it comes every October 31, the evening before All Saints’ Day. However, it is not really a ...

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