Aluminum Composite Panel

Specification and Design

Size: 1220*2440 (4.3mm)

Thickness:  Aluminum 0.15mm, total 4.3mm thick

Design/Colors: Barcode, Water Flow (Red, Yellow, White, Black, Grey, Blue)

Cutting: by wood-cutting blade, or hand saw cutting

Glue: silicone glue on wood base

Aluminum Coil (after Print with 3D Patterns)

Size: 1220*2440 (0.15 mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm )

Applications (施工案例,效果)

Exterior Wall (with anti-weather treatment)

Interior Wall (bathroom, cabinet...)

                                Aluminum Pillar                                                               Aluminum Ceiling

                                  Interior Wall                                                                Lift Backdrops


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